Cleaning and Environment

Pollution, water contamination and climate change all present serious environmental issues in modern day and age. Immediate action is required: we need to tackle these problems in unison, to keep our planet clean and to reverse the damage done. 

Taking baby steps to change our harmful habits is a great start. By implementing small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a huge difference. Constantly searching for new, sustainable ways to preserve nature and ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing should be a priority.

Numbers are on our side: if each person does what they can to make the world a better place, however small a gesture, it’ll have a ripple effect on a large scale. Step by step, we’ll get the positive results we strive for.

Choose your cleaning products carefully

In addition to selecting reusable items for your home rather than disposable ones, you can keep the environment safe by minimizing your use of chemicals. There’s a variety of products to choose from when renovating the house (including environment-friendly paints), or cleaning. Read more about that here.

Nowadays we can easily get the same (or better) results with the help of eco-friendly, nontoxic, all-natural products and cleaning methods. Our homes can become perfectly clean even without the use of harsh chemicals in achieving this goal. This is a valuable lesson, especially for households with pets. Not only will the right cleaning product protect the planet from pollution, but it’ll also protect your dearest pets from potential poisoning. 

When buying an in-store cleaner, it’s important to check the list of ingredients. Cleaning products without additives such as artificial fragrance are definitely the wiser choice than those that have them.


EPA’s Safer Choice Label

If you were wondering if the cleaning products claiming to be green and natural really are green and natural, here’s some good news: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed the Safer Choice program, the result of which is creation of an easy-to-recognize label you can look for when purchasing your cleaning supplies.

These products contain chemical ingredients that are safer for the environment and people, while their performance and quality remain the same. One of the handy alternatives to in-store disinfectants is a water solution of bleach.

Natural cleaning products present in every home

When it comes to cleaning the house naturally, you may have some of the necessary supplies at home already. Besides a bleach solution, vinegar and baking soda can do wonders in many cleaning-related situations:

  • Baking soda absorbs unpleasant smells; it can take out stains from carpets, and thoroughly clean delicate surfaces due to its mildly abrasive properties.
  • Vinegar mixed with water works amazing with many surfaces, such as windows, cupboards or walls.
  • Lemon juice neutralizes the smell of vinegar in the water solution. It also helps with water stains and soap residue.

Green cleaning is all good and well, however, surfaces prone to germs need to be well cleaned as well as disinfected to ensure protection from potential infections and diseases. Kitchen counters, sinks, and toilets are some of the germies areas in every home, so they need to be sanitized properly after cleaning.

Dispose of waste properly

Cleaning with natural cleaning products and methods, while separating waste properly so it can be recycled, results in a safer and cleaner living environment. Our health can improve or deteriorate depending on the environment, so by nurturing a healthy environment, we nurture our own health and prosperity.

Just by recycling we can preserve natural resources, save energy, protect ecosystems and wildlife and so much more! We can change the world one day at a time.